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Raw Mill

Raw Mill

Motor Power:130-3550kw

Total Weight:25.8-476t

Production Capacity:4.5-210TPH

Application Area:Cement, silicate products, building materials factory, refractory plants, glass, and ceramics factory

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Raw mill is also called raw material mill, which is the important equipment in the production process of cement. It has large application ranges such as raw mill in cement plant, building materials, metallurgy, electric power and chemical industry, which is mainly used for the grinding (and drying) cement raw materials and other materials. 

When the raw material is crushed, it will enter into the tube mill, with the movement and extrusion of steel balls, and then it will be ground into fine powder. The raw mill produced by Fote Machinery has less investment, which is 35~50% lower than the traditional equipment with same size. It can satisfy the raw materials supply of 250 ~ 2500 t/d cement production line.

Raw Material Mill

The Advantages of Raw Mill:

1. The investment is lower than the traditional equipment with same size.

Raw mill is a very mature mill, which is widely used in cement industry. Raw mill price is low, and the investment is lower than the traditional equipment. It is suitable for cement plant with less investment, which will leads to high revenue return rate.

2. High yield.

The cover and discharging system adopt streamlined design, which reduces the ventilation resistance and increases the effective volume. Thus it is easy to discharge, so as to increase the yield of the mill. When compared with the international rules for the same specifications of tube mill, if the other parameters are unchanged, raw mill has higher output for per machine. The 4.6m × 10.5+3.5 type raw mill has up 210t/h yield, which has reached the international advanced level of its performance.

3. High grinding efficiency.

It is the single chamber structure, and the lining plate adopts combination design. It can adopt different lining board structures according to different stages of raw mill, which has high grinding efficiency.

4. It can conduct grinding and drying operations at the same time.

Raw mill can realize dry and wet production, which can also conduct the grinding and drying operations at the same time.

Fote Machinery has been specialized in research and development of raw mill for many years, and the raw material mill of our company has simple structure, easy maintenance and low energy consumption. The raw mill price in Fote machinery is reasonable and favorable. If you want to know more details, please chat with us online or leave us a message, and we will answer you timely and patiently!

Technical Parameter

Product specification
Milling form Transmission form Gear box Motor power
Production capacity
Total weight
Model Speed reduction ratio
Φ1.5×5.7 Open flow Brim ZD40 3.55 130 4.5-6 25.8
Φ1.83×6.4 Open flow Brim ZD60 4.5 210 7.5-15 43
Φ2.2×6.5 Circle flow Brim ZD70 5 380 14-26 60
Φ2.4×7 Circle flow Brim ZD70 5 475 24-28 81
Φ2.4×10 Circle flow Brim ZD80-4-Ⅱ 6.435 570 32-36 118
Φ2.6×10 Circle flow Brim JDX710 6.3 800 45-50 130
Φ3×9 Open flow Brim JDX800 6.3 1000 55-60 158
Φ3.2×9 Circle flow Brim MBY900 7.1 1250 62-65 195
Φ3.5×10 Open flow Brim JDX900 5.84 1250 70-75 200
Φ3.8×7.5 Circle flow Brim JDX900 5.6 1600 80 233
Φ4.6×10+3.5 Circle flow Central shaft JQS3550 15.1 3550 190 415
Φ4.6×10.5+3.5 Circle flow Central shaft JQS3550 15.1 3550 210 476
Product specification
Milling form Production capacity
Φ1.5×5.7 Open flow 4.5-6
Φ1.83×6.4 Open flow 7.5-15
Φ2.2×6.5 Circle flow 14-26
Φ2.4×7 Circle flow 24-28
Φ2.4×10 Circle flow 32-36
Φ2.6×10 Circle flow 45-50
Φ3×9 Open flow 55-60
Φ3.2×9 Circle flow 62-65
Φ3.5×10 Open flow 70-75
Φ3.8×7.5 Circle flow 80
Φ4.6×10+3.5 Circle flow 190
Φ4.6×10.5+3.5 Circle flow 210

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